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Hi, I’m Sonya!


I believe that you never have to choose between sustainability and fashion. With so many more ethical and sustainable clothing brands launching every day, there is no reason to shop otherwise!


My goal is to get beach-y second hand garments in front of you as easily, conveniently and beautifully as possible.


I have always loved clothing, textiles and fashion. Recently, as I have been awakening to what it means to pay attention to myself, what I’m doing every day, what I put into my body, I’ve also started thinking about what I put on my body. And where these clothes come from. Because it matters. Making sure that the person who made your shirt was paid fairly. That the fabric content, source and dye are natural and toxin-free. I believe it makes sense to be as meticulous about what you put on your skin, as you are about what you consume. Let’s use our hard-earned money for good - your good, the good of the ethical brand, the good of the manufacturer, and the good of all.


I have loved fashion for all of my adult life, I’ve taken construction courses, I was a personal fashion stylist for 2 years, I’ve dressed and talked to many women about their closet and style. And now I’m bringing all of this expertise together to create the ultimate affordable, beautiful, sunny, stylish and, most importantly, ethical brand marketplace for you in one place, starting with second hand curated pieces.

I’m doing this for selfish reasons - I’m creating it because I want to use it. This is just the beginning. Follow me to discover new stores in your area, interesting articles on ethical and sustainable clothing, and style inspiration in general. And, of course, some great finds ;)

With love and sunshine -


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