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Conscious & Made in USA Brands at Anthropologie - May 2019

I was fortunate enough to get an Anthro gift card this year, so I decided to figure out which brands are eco-friendly, sustainable or made in the USA.

My criteria were simple:

  • Made in USA OR

  • Sustainable practices outlined on brand webpage

There are so many brands at Anthropologie. I did my online research, but I found that it was much more fun to go to the stores and look at all the tags :) So this is a pretty thorough list of brands found in-store.

Here are the ones I found that I feel good about supporting-

West coast brand

Made in LA!

Fun silhouettes, shapes and colors. These clothes are more funky than it appears on the rack!

Casual, beachy wear made in LA. Basics with a little twist.

Lots of cotton, these pieces look so breezy I can see spending all summer in them.

I love that light, gauzy cotton feel and waffle knits, yes !

Made in LA and with a cause! (as the name suggests).

LACAUSA partners with different local charities every season. I'm so inspired by their work.

And these tanks are the most soft of all time, 50% cotton 50% modal. And thick and non-transparent enough to wear as a standalone top. What's not to love, I'm obsessed.

Another made in LA casual clothing line! is all classic silhouettes and cotton blends.

When you need to update your basics this is a great go-to option!

I love this swing top. It's like you get a natural waistline and a little flounce all in one top.

Not casual and not made in LA! :)

With a very funky, colorful and cool aesthetic, Whit's clothing is made in NYC.

Whit uses a lot of natural fabric, like tencel and organic cotton.

Cool and artsy collection, worth a look for sure.

This appears to be an Anthropologie brand.

Casual basics, lots of cotton and made in USA.

Ok so how awesome is this photo? and this jumpsuit??

It ticks all the boxes - colorful, 100% cotton and it's a jumpsuit.. can't go wrong.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer is a made in LA cool girl brand. Fun, surprising pieces, good amount of color and lots of natural fabric!

Good one to check out at Anthro or directly on their site.

Based in NYC and made by artisans in India, this brand ensures sustainable practices in all areas of production.

I love the cuts and patterns! This brand has a very upscale elegant feel, but at the same time it feels laid-back and sit-cross-legged-on-the-ground-all-day kinda look. That's my favorite kinda look ;)

Also check out this dress made of banana fiber !

How cute and fun is this brand?!

This is a brand that cares about how clothes are made and who makes them. It's inspired by the owner's travels - dream come true.

With every purchase on their site Dolan also makes a donation to The Laundry Truck LA. The Laundry Truck LA is a mobile truck that provides the homeless in LA with free laundry.


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